8 Reasons Why Your Entire Company Should Contribute to TYPO3

Here are some examples of professions you might find in an agency, and how people might find exciting ways to contribute in the TYPO3 community:

  • Marketers will expand their knowledge of TYPO3’s unique selling points.
  • Salespeople will learn more about how TYPO3 creates value for the clients.
  • Project managers can increase their understanding of solutions and best practices.
  • Content publishers will learn how to best optimize their publication workflow.
  • Testers can share their experience and help the CMS meet their needs.
  • Designers and UX professionals get a chance to make TYPO3 look and feel just right.
  • Support teams can learn how others solve problems and the best ways to debug TYPO3.
  • Accountants can increase transparency and optimize spending for the association.
  • Managers can teach effective leadership and facilitation skills.

A little while ago, I asked for quotes from TYPO3 community members on Twitter. Their responses reflect a lot of what I believe to be true, and I think it reflects the views of many people in the open source CMS business. I have included some of them here.