Updated certification outline

As parts of TYPO3 CMS transition into a new world between 4.5 and 6.2, integrators now need to know these new parts to attain certification. This includes, but is not limited to, the file abstraction layer (FAL), templating with Fluid, and the newly organised install tool.

Team changes

Dominic Brander, founder of the certification team in 2006 and joint founder of the TYPO3 Association, resigned from his position as certification team leader after 8 years. The certification team has voted for Pascal Dürsteler to be Dominic's successor. The team thanks you, Dominic, for your valuable work!

Improvements through community feedbacks

Thanks to our strong community and many exam participants sending us constructive criticism, we were able to generally further improve the quality of our certification questions. This is a big step forward to having a better recognised and more consistent certification.

A word about the certification validity

The valid duration for your certification will still be three years. It may seem unfortunate that your work to become certified feels like it will be invalidated after the given time, however this is also the case for your 4.x branch certificate as 4.x support will end soon and new projects should be based on 6.2 LTS. If you take a close look at the release dates the time between 4.5 LTS and 6.2 LTS is around 36 months, so there's not much difference between branch and time-based validity.

In addition, LTS release cycles may change to shorter intervals in the near future. This means that branch-based certificates would be invalidated in less time than the current three years. The team's conclusion to this: With a time-based validity, Certified Integrators have longer lasting certificates compared to branch-based ones.


We're finally taking the next steps in preparing a new certification and hopefully you'll be able to become a "Certified TYPO3 CMS Developer" soon. If you feel like you want to contribute to the certification process or generally be part of the certification team, don't hesitate and drop me a line on [email protected]. I'd be happy to hear from you!