The following TYPO3 updates have been released:

  • TYPO3 10.4.20 LTS
  • TYPO3 9.5.30 LTS
  • TYPO3 11.3.3

These versions are maintenance release only, and fix various regressions regarding the introduced security enhancement from last week. Identified bugs have been fixed and some security measures have a proper mechanism to disable the functionality globally.

In short: If you've set up TYPO3 with best practices you should be good to go.

For more details about the regressions, read up:

Further upgrade instructions

No database upgrades are required for these maintenance releases.

If you have a special configuration regarding insecure content, see our graphics chart of newly introduced settings and their behaviour.


TYPO3 can be installed in various ways. For example the traditional way by using the source package at or the modern way by setting up a project using composer, to name just two. Further details can be found in the according release notes: