Extension Authors Need Good Docs Too

It’s not sure integrators and editors that rely on up-to-date documentation. Extension authors need to know about any Core API changes so they can update their extensions accordingly. 

We want to help remove one of the major blockers for upgrading: extensions that are not yet updated. We want to enable extension owners to update their extensions early. They should start working on their code with the release of TYPO3 v12, and have it ready for production by the release of the LTS v12. For this, extension authors rely on the Documentation Team to produce readable documentation with useful live examples.

How We Approach Documenting a New Release

Every change made in the TYPO3 Core has a corresponding Forge ticket and at least one Changelog entry. To get a better overview of each ticket involved in a release, and the corresponding documentation required, we are experimenting with a new GitHub Project: Changelog-To-Doc. Every Changelog entry automatically creates a GitHub issue in the project.