Last year was marked by the revitalization of the Localization Team. We re-established regular meetings and started working on a number of issues, including decommissioning the old translation infrastructure with Pootle, which had become obsolete since the switch to Crowdin.

We also started working on tutorial videos to explain the use of Crowdin to translators and extension developers. Additionally, we tackled a lot of other topics around the localization infrastructure.

TYPO3camp RheinRuhr

Peter Kraume represented the Localization Team at the TYPO3camp RheinRuhr (3–5 November 2023). There was a session where TYPO3 community teams and committees were introduced. Along with our team the Documentation Team, the Best Practices Team and the Motivation Research Team were also present. The session was very good, although there were relatively few attendees.

For 2024 we plan to have our team present at as many TYPO3camps as possible.