Fewer discussion platforms means an easier onboarding process for new TYPO3 contributors. One of the lesser-known platforms is decisions.typo3.org. All TYPO3 Core-related discussions will move to talk.typo3.org on 11 April 2024.

You may not even know, but we have two platforms for public discussion in the TYPO3 community. decisions.typo3.org has long been the platform “for discussions and votings on strategic topics of greater impact for the TYPO3 Core Development”. At the same time, we also have the general TYPO3 discussion board, talk.typo3.org

One Central Place for Discussions

Both use the same open-source software, Discourse, and while the initial idea to have a delineation seemed sound, we realize that centralized discussions benefits everyone — so there’s no reason why they should remain separate.

That is why, from 11 April 2024 … 

  • The decisions.typo3.org platform will be shut down.
  • General and Core-related discussions will happen in the same place, at talk.typo3.org.
  • The archive of old Core-related discussions moved to talk.typo3.org as well.

You might experience downtime or limited functionality at talk.typo3.org on the day of the consolidation.

Public Questions Make Answers Public

talk.typo3.org is generally the place to go if you have questions or answers about TYPO3. Unlike TYPO3 Slack, search engines can index it, so questions and answers are accessible to everyone searching the web.

If you have a question — or indeed an answer — join in the discussions on talk.typo3.org. Helping others use TYPO3 grows our community. Learning what questions need answering helps improve our documentation.

And, since I’m talking about contribution: I would like to shine a spotlight on Andri Steiner and Benni Mack, who have been instrumental in making this consolidation happen. Thank you!