Visit the New Documentation Home Page

We collected feedback from a range of different users to gather their opinions and find out what we can do to improve their overall experience with the docs.

The changes to the starting page and menu are the first steps on the road to making TYPO3’s documentation work better for both new and existing users.

The Most Notable Changes 

  • TYPO3 Explained can be found in the Reference Manuals section.
  • The extension documentation (for system and third party extensions) is now available under Developing and using extensions.

What’s Next

The next phase will include the collection of analytics data on the usage of the new homepage and menu, additional style adjustments (including bespoke icons for each overview box) as well as collecting and implementing feedback from users. 

Next on the agenda for the documentation restructuring project is the publication of the new Getting Started guide which has been rewritten to help new users get up to speed with TYPO3. Feel free to take a look at the draft version of that manual on

We also intend to consolidate the main Installation and Upgrade guide to remove duplicated content once the new Getting Started Guide is published.

Get Involved—Join the Documentation Restructuring Team

If you want to get involved, please join the #typo3-documentation channel on TYPO3 Slack and let us know where you want to contribute.